NAG-CC-Mitigation (4b)

You get to spend some of your initial 100 to move the slot at the top through which you drop the ball. How much it costs depends on the cost function. A suggestion for the cost function is in the table below but it too needs to be very easy to change.
[In terms of climate change 7 is business as usual, 8-13 are increased emissions above business as usual so they aren’t options, below 7 involves mitigation and costs money.]

Again you have to play N times – you can’t stop half way through – but they are N repeats i.e. each time starting with 100 as in 3.
Again you are presented with the maximum, minimum and average of your N goes. But you are scored on the average.

This should be setup in two ways. A multi-player option can look just like it did in game 2 i.e. up to 4 players, players take turns consecutively, the one with the highest average wins. Alternatively the aim should be to beat a number presented as the target.

Ideally something silly and visual should happen to mark a win or lose.

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